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Request Accommodations

  • If accommodation needs differ from course to course, enter accommodation requests separately for each course using the tools in this section.

  • If you do not require any changes to accommodations, requests are generally approved automatically once submitted.

  • If alternate accommodations need to be explored, Accessibility Advisors are notified to review/update accommodations. You may need to meet with your Accessibility Advisor as part of this process.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Students must complete the accommodation registration process (including the online registration form and registration appointment) by April 9, 2021, in order to receive approved accommodations during the Winter 2021 academic term.

Letters of Accommodation

  • Once accommodations are approved, individuals listed as principal Instructors receive a link to accommodation information relevant to their role in the Duty to Accommodate process.

  • AR encourages contact with instructors to verify delivery of Letters of Accommodation and to facilitate communication about related steps

    • Please note, sometimes instructor information may not be current.

  • Once the request has been approved, you can access Letters of Accommodation through the Online Activation (this) module.

For more details, please read the FAQ.  

If you have any questions or require assistance, please feel welcome to contact or 780-492-3381.