Workshop Booking Instructions

  • Please review the Important Information section (below) prior to booking a workshop.
  • Prior to booking PSLD and or Adaptive Technology workshops you must meet with the Team Lead for that service area.
  • Click on Available Workshops
  • Find the workshop for the service area relating to the services you require.
  • Once you have found the workshop you require choose the day and time you wish to attend and then click the book button.
  • Attend the workshop.
  • If you need to cancel a workshop, please refer to the attendance guidelines for that service area.

Important Information

  • Adaptive Technology (AT):
  • Alternate Format (AF):
  • Exam Accommodations:
  • Note Taking Services:
  • Program for Student Learning Diversity (PSLD):
    • Students must complete a strategy selection appointment with the PSLD Team Lead before they can book a workshop.
      • If students sign up for a PSLD workshop without completing the strategy selection first they will be withdrawn from the workshops until they complete the strategy selection process.
    • If a PSLD workshop has less than 2 students registered 7 working days prior to the workshop the workshop will be cancelled. The students will be notified and may rebook for an alternative date.
    • To cancel a PSLD workshop please e-mail the account. Please state that you wish to withdraw from a workshop. List the full name, date and time of the workshop.
  • SSDS Orientation: