Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Notetaking Program at Accessibility Resources (AR) recruits volunteer notetakers for students who have disabilities or medical conditions that interfere with their ability to take notes. Notetaking Services is looking for organized and responsible individuals capable of sharing notes for courses on a regular basis.

Volunteering for Notetaking Services is a great opportunity to add experience to your resume. You can list notetaking activity as a volunteer work. The number of volunteer hours correspond with the time spent in class while writing notes. Also, at the end of the term, we are pleased to provide, upon request, a Letter of Acknowledgement recognizing this volunteer work.

Important Information about Uploading Notes:

If you handwrite the lecture notes, please scan them so that you can then upload the document. You can use scanners on campus free of charge.  For instructions on using OneCard Printers, please see the following link:


Hints for Taking Good Notes

1) Three kinds of information are offered in a lecture:

1. main ideas
2. supporting ideas or explanations
3. details like formulas or definitions

Decide which kind of information is being presented and place it in your notes accordingly. For example, put headings in CAPITAL letters, underline subheading, use bullets for details, etc..

2) Place key words in the margins to indicate importance and relevance.

3) Observe the ways in which the lecturer emphasizes major points through voice, movements, and pauses. These cues will help to differentiate between main ideas and supporting statements. Use an asterisk (*) or other symbol to indicate your observations of material that is emphasized.

4) Listen for opening statements outlining topics, format, or philosophy. Note these down.

5) Rather than trying to make notes complete (i.e., writing down everything the professor says), try to make them meaningful. In other words, when you get home after class, you should be able to make sense of the notes you took.